Triple Divide


Thursday, August 30, 2012

Ridge and Valley School: Earth Literacy for Life

Their Mission: 

Ridge and Valley Charter School Core Values

In working together to manifest our vision for our children and families, for our professional staff and organization leaders, and for the school community as a whole, we are committed to cultivating relationships that are rooted in:
Respect. We conduct ourselves and communicate with kindness and respect for all students, staff, parents/guardians, school leadership, and the community of life.
Responsibility. We assume responsibility for our choice of thoughts, emotions, attitudes, actions, educational and organizational decisions.
Honesty. We are honest with ourselves and others throughout the school community, seeking greater understanding of the needs of others.
Humility. We think and act with humility so that we may be open to continuous learning in service to our students, families, and professional associates.
Equality and Fairness. We treat others as we wish to be treated, fairly and equitably, regardless of their behavior, or their ethnic, economic, racial, sexual, or religious orientations.
Harmony. We strive to live in peace and harmony with ourselves and the natural world around us through the practice of acceptance, empathy, and forgiveness.
Open Communication. We address our feelings, needs, and ideas directly to those empowered to improve our lives, the lives and learning of students, and the well-being of others throughout the school community. We avoid the temptation of gossip and hurtful innuendo.
Enthusiasm and Positive Attitude. We focus joyfully on what is positive in others, in our school community and the community at large. We work to develop our potential for doing better. We look toward new ideas for improving the quality of life for the benefit of all.

Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Environmental Justice Committee has joined Earth Justice in filing a friend of the court brief

 The brief supports the municipalities who are challenging the Constitutionality of Act 13, an act that would take away the rights of communities to plan for the future of their communities.

The Environmental Justice Committee is one of four Committees generated by the  Thomas Merton Center, a Peace and Social Justice Center in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania since 1972.

We believe that:
The larger Earth Community is a primary obligation of each nation
Communities have the ability to preserve clean air, clean water, and clean soil - biologically sustainable systems.

Biological sustainable systems require both a cognitive and spiritual shift in perceptions if we are to move from an Industrial Economy to an abundant Global Commons.

The Environmental Justice Committee of the Thomas Merton Center affirms that:
    •    Earth is the common home of every being that has emerged from her and depends upon her for sustenance and a place of habitation;

    •    The dominant economic model which has held sway upon the Earth for the past five hundred years is environmentally unsustainable. Our finite planet is not capable of absorbing an infinite amount of poison and pollution to produce unlimited “energy” and this highly industrial quest for yet another finite fossil fuel will accelerate the rate of poisoning of our environment.

    •    We find the destruction of human cultures and biological communities shocking including legislation that presumes to take away both our local autonomy and our right to clean air, clean water, and natural living ecosystems. We believe that every community must have the right to speak for the well being of Earth as the most vital member of the community, our source of life.

Thursday, August 9, 2012

                           The Thomas Merton Center
                           Environmental Justice Committee invites you to

                                              “What On Earth?”

                           Sunday, September 23, 2012
                           2 to 5 p.m.
                           Friends Meeting House
                          4836 Ellsworth Avenue (Oakland)

                          We hope you will bring

                               * your vision, energy, creativity and
                                  enthusiasm for environmental justice

                               * an idea for our new idea bank and/or
                                  a brief story about something that you are personally doing

                             * a musical instrument, if you play, for an old fashioned sing along,
                                words to your favorite songs about the natural world, or
                                a drum for a drumming circle, if you wish to make music

                            *  handouts about what your environmental group is doing

                  If you have a favorite finger food for snacking, bring some to share, if you wish.

  But definitely come, whether you bring any of these things or not.  

What on Earth ... have you been thinking about ... working on ... dreaming about?  What on this awesome earth does this mean to your community... your family ... your culture ... your spirit? What does it mean to your place in creation?

Children are most welcome
Please RSVP to  or  412-441-6593